Bringing About Male and Female Balance Within Self

Male and Female Balance Within Self -  Barbara ScogingsOur world is riddled with greed, aggression, war, conflict, materialism. The imbalance therein has led to poverty, lack of empathy, lack of spiritual and emotional maturity and a vast dis-empowerment of masses of people – a very serious global lack of balance – and a reflection of the lack of balance in each one of us. Our world has been controlled for a very long time by the male principal, the behavioral patterns of this masculinity being attacking, defending and all the words found in the column headed Warrior. It is very easy to recognize these habits as being dominant today, globally as well as individually, male and female alike; with the woman’s liberation movement having been activated over the past century, it is safe to say that many women today are “wearing the pants in the house”! The traditional roles have almost been switched, but either way there appears to be a dominance of masculine behavior. So common sense tells us that if we are all out of balance, then so is our planet.

Many people are in need of exploring their femininity. The habits of typical female thinking can be found under the column headed Marshmallow. Neither masculine nor feminine principal is right or wrong, and neither one is weak or strong. The typical “Warrior” type person dons armor plating and weapons, believes themselves to be invincible, goes out to provide and protect and does not focus on emotional behavior. The typical “Marshmallow” type person is open to emotional experience, feeding and nurturing others, maternal loving, is flexible, receptive, and very aware of their vulnerability. An exploration of both within ourselves will enable us to experience a balance. In being adept with male as well as female thinking, allows for the first time the advantage of true choice. When stuck in certain patterns there is no true ability to choose. Choice leads to freedom. Freedom from our own limitations brings about happiness and peace. The key is balance.

Balance through Freedom of Choice - Barbara Scogings

The Marshmallow and Warrior diagram is a very practical concept that anyone of any age can use on a daily basis to make the necessary changes within themselves. Tick all the behavioral patterns in both columns that you find comfortable and easy to do. There is no need to become attached to these, because you already know how to behave like this. It would be the same as wanting to stay in Grade 3 for the rest of your life! The behavior that is difficult for you to do is what requires your attention. Take one word and practice this in your daily behavior until you find it comfortable and easy. So you move on through all the words, until you can choose very easily, depending on the situation, the appropriate actions. You are no longer a victim of your own actions or anybody else’s for that matter. You can also act appropriately, with knowledge, wisdom, kindness and love toward people. You are then in total balance and in charge of self. There is no need to control another, or be controlled by another or limited in any way by self.

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