Testimonials from Corporates

Allison Chothia, Senior Human Resources Business Partner, Absa Retail Channels

I wish to thank you for the positive impact your course has had on the staff in Absa Digital Channels.

The feedback from staff has been positive and they have seen your input and course material aid both their personal and professional lives.  Your one-on-one coaching sessions in addition to the course content has enabled them to better deal with areas of conflict, improve their decision and sense making ability and sense making.

From an organization perspective, I believe that the course would result in improved engagement levels and overall climate improvement in the business.

I believe the biggest success was driven by the fact that you made a concerted effort to understand the business dynamic, leadership and staff.  By doing this, you were able to customize your approach to deal with the situation at hand more effectively and address the need of the business better.

Your professionalism draws through as a golden thread in your entire approach and the interaction I have had with you had been a pleasant one which will result in me recommending your work both on a networking and organizational level.

Once again, thank you for the value you’ve added and I know this course will continue adding value to and changing the lives of many professionals going forward.

Kind regards,

Allison Chothia
Senior Human Resources Business Partner
Core Capabilities
Absa Retail Channels

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