I had the privilege of meeting Barbara just over a year ago and found her to be exceptionally spiritually gifted and she has taught me to use tools in my life, I never thought of using and if I had, would not have known how to use.

Through her guidance I have become more comfortable and sure of who I am. I have learnt to express myself, honestly, directly, what I’m feeling in the moment and not to suppress. She has taught me to make changes in my life by doing the opposite of what I usually do.

Barbara is also an insightful and powerful speaker and I’ve enjoyed many of her workshops on spiritual, physical, mental and emotional intelligence.

Barbara is extremely ethical and so sincere and passionate in everything she does. She has become a great friend and colleague and I truly value her friendship and input. Thanks Barbs!

Collette Evers. Johannesburg. South Africa.

Barbara has inspired me with her love and wisdom. She has helped me immensely by guiding me onto my right path.

Pat MacDonald. Durban. South Africa.

With astute insight, Barbara removes the veils imposed on us by others and ourselves, revealing a person we knew was there but never had the courage to acknowledge.

Mandy Berridge. Cape Town. South Africa

Before I met Barbara I was a very confused soul. With her help, I’ve gained insight and understanding into the way in which people behave and, most importantly, the way in which I’m “put together”. It has helped me immensely in my personal relationships and even when meeting strangers. She’s left me feeling “whole” as a person, more balanced and a lot happier! 

Karen Kretzman. London. U.K.

The amazing thing about all that I have received from her is that it is really common sense. When she opens her mouth it is always heartfelt, authentic and fascinating. She speaks from experience and from the journeys she has taken. I look back at the person I was when I first went to her and the person I am today and I am amazed. I have taken steps forward that I thought would never happen. Through her teachings you look at everything differently, you are awake to what is going on around you, the way people react to you and how you react to them. The teachings that Barbara gives out are not complex, they are not coated in terms to confuse, and you do not have to be able to meditate in a Zen-like state to understand it. It is common sense. Be prepared to be challenged, be ready for bare faced and brutal honesty, be open to all that is discusses and you will gain an immense amount of knowledge that will enable you to deal with all that life has to throw at you. You will never be the same again and you will look back in amusement as to how foolish you were.

Patrick Sheard. Cape Town. South Africa.

Barbara is an insightful and inspiring woman who, by listening and sharing her own life’s experiences, lends honesty and sincerity to every conversation. She has helped me progress on my journey of self-discovery by helping me explore my inner strength and understand my inner voice. Her guidance has led me to begin to find my own answers to my many questions about what life brings. Barbara is a person of great wisdom with the immense generosity to share it with others.

Monique van der Heijden. London. U.K.

After finding myself on my own at the age of 42, I had to rediscover who I was and really get in touch with “me”. I had never done this before because I always gave all of my energy and time to others, which is not a bad thing, but I never focused my life and my needs. So now, for the first time in my life, it was all about “me”, which was quite daunting. Barbara helped me to identify some deep, inner, hurtful feelings which I just shut off in my life, and also helped my to redirect my focus onto me and to create my own boundaries, instead of letting other people’s boundaries be mine. I have also learnt to be true to myself by being really honest about how I really feel! As a result, I have great inner peace and am really happy with who I am, and others that come into my life can only add to contentment.

Angela Foot. Johannesburg. South Africa.

Barbara introduced me to the lonely, wounded and neglected person that I was. I wanted nothing more in the world than to be acknowledged and loved, but my sensitivity had led me to isolate myself and turn me into my biggest enemy. Only once I started learning how to give myself what I truly needed, could I find it in the world around me. Barbara helped me see that what I perceived to be my weaknesses and largest obstacles, namely my sensitivity and inability to express my feelings, were, in fact, my greatest gifts and my opportunities to shine in the world. Facing my fears and allowing myself to be vulnerable is bringing more love and joy into my life than I could possibly have imagined. And she’s right; there are no quick fixes in the programme of life, only self-made upgrades. Barbara’s genuineness, unconditional love, passion for people and vast experience are the perfect facilitators for healing.

Sheryl May. Durban. South Africa.

I made the decision to consult with Barbara periodically, over the past 2 years, to try to deal better with life’s hiccups, such as a challenging childhood and personal insecurities etc. But I now know why I really met Barbara. My husband and I recently lost our little baby girl, Chloe, when I was 6½ months pregnant (27 December 2005). She was perfect and the pregnancy was perfect but unfortunately pneumonia changed all of that. What has helped me stay sane and not become bitter, angry and depressed (which is very easy to do) is an acceptance that my baby girl is safe and happy and I learnt so much from the little time I held her in my arms. It is my choice how I choose to react to this tragedy. I can either be a victim or I can accept to value Chloe’s impact on my life, and honour her by moving forward in a positive and graceful manner. I will meet Chloe again and no doubt, she will be the wiser one and I will have learnt so much. She left for me so that I can stay… stay to learn, grow and fly. I choose to fly, and without the help of Barbara, I am not sure I would have been brave enough to try.

Lisa Nicholson. Durban. South Africa.

Barbara het my pad gekruis in ‘n tyd toe ek nie geweet het waarheen ek oppad was nie. Ek het baie seer saam my gedra en dit het my beluitneming beinvloed. Barbara het my die krag gegee om weer in myself te glo! Ons is vandag ook goeie vriende en ek sal haar vir ewig dankbaar wees .

Deon Vermaak. London. U.K.

Being a complicated and multi-layered individual, Barbara sussed me out immediately and was not threatened, but able to work with it on my level. She has amazing insight and is able to communicate in a user friendly way.

Martin. Durban. South Africa.

Best guidance I have ever had. Goes into past life to understand present life and new ventures. Opened up my eyes and shown how to look at things from a different perspective. Very uplifting. Lots of love and positive energy coming from her.

Sue. Durban. South Africa.

She opened up a portal that showed me who I really was. I knew that I had lost something and Barbara showed me the way back. She didn’t have to touch me or go into trance so it was easy to communicate in the here and now rather than in some other dimension.

Jackie. Durban. South Africa.

Barbara helped me to understand how my past and my future and my physical and my spiritual life fit together. He helped me to understand my ill health and showed me how and where I should focus. I was a skeptic, but Barbara never once caused me to doubt her insight.

Ian. Durban. South Africa.

I like to think of Barbara as an alchemist; that is what she has been for me. She has the enviable capacity to take raw internal chaos, to thoughtfully hold it in mind, to challenge and coax it, and to love it into transformation. I have, for many years, explored my depths through traditional psychotherapy and, being a psychologist myself, I do trust in the process of patiently getting to know and integrating parts of self in the aim of healthier living, and I continue to do this. But I met Barbara at a time in my life when I just felt stuck and no amount of self-analysis or scrutiny was shifting me from my place of pain and confusion. She, so very quickly, saw into me and saw my need, which was to learn to know myself, be with myself and love myself in a way which allowed me to open new doors and explore new possibilities, particularly in relation to myself and consequently, in my relationships with others. I owe a debt of gratitude to Barbara. I have moved from a space of wishing for happiness in relationships, to a place of being in a loving and fulfilling relationship, both with myself and with my partner. Barbara undeniably has the gift of ‘seeing’ but I think what made her so invaluable in my process of growth is her capacity to love and her ability to use her own experience of fear and overcoming it, to guide me in overcoming mine.

Yvette. Johannesburg. South Africa.

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